The City of Sunbury Mayor is elected at-large to a 4 year term. The Mayor shares the authority and duties of running the City with the other four members of the City Council.

The Mayor is the chief executive officer and representative of the City. The Mayor has supervision over the City Police Force, City Solicitor, City Clerk, Community Development and all other offices and employees not assigned to other departments.

The Mayor also has the authority to sign all contracts, ordinances and resolutions on behalf of the City.

Mayor Brosious


The Mayor vested with the authority to officiate marriage ceremonies. Please submit a Marriage Ceremony Request and contact the City Clerk at (570) 286-7820 Ext.502 to make arrangements.

Welcome to the City of Sunbury – THE HEART OF THE SUSQUEHANNA RIVER!

Sunbury is located at the confluence of the West and North Branches of the Susquehanna River. This location was once the site of a native settlement called Shamokin. Fort Augusta, which was built in 1756, was the stronghold in the Susquehanna Valley providing protection for early settlers. Founded in 1772, Sunbury has many historic buildings that date back as far as the 18th century. The Hotel Edison, located at the corner of 4th and Market Streets, was the first building wired for incandescent electric lights by Thomas A. Edison in 1883. Sunbury became incorporated and known as the City of Sunbury on December 29th 1921.

The City of Sunbury is the county seat for Northumberland County. We host the offices of the Northumberland County Commissioners, the District Magistrate’s Office, and the Northumberland County Court house which was built in 1865. Also located in Sunbury is the office of Pennsylvania State Representative for the 108th Legislative District. Located in the same building as the state representative is one of the offices for the 11th Congressional District.

We are a family oriented community. Our city highlights include the Sunbury Police Department, the Sunbury Fire Department (consisting of five volunteer fire companies), the Shikellamy School District, Lackawanna College, the Degenstein Community Library, YMCA and 20 acres of recreational facilities that include a community pool, skate park, indoor ice skating rink, lighted ball fields and neighborhood parks and playgrounds. In our downtown you will find our historic Market House that hosts the local farmer’s market, along with other great businesses.

We offer amazing river front access for boating, swimming and great fishing locations. We have a beautiful amphitheater and walking/biking trail along the river in the Merle Phillips Riverfront Park. We are home to the world’s largest fabridam, the Adam T. Bower Dam. It is inflated every spring to form Lake Augusta for boating and other water sports.

Education is very important. Located within the City of Sunbury is Lackawanna College. Our city is also located in a commutable range of three well known universities. Within a 15 minute drive you can arrive at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, and Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove. Within a 40 minute drive you can arrive at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg. We are also located approximately 1 hour away from the state capitol in Harrisburg, 3 hours from Philadelphia, 4 hours from Pittsburgh, and 3 hours from NYC.

Sunbury is a great place to visit, live and invest in.

Thank you for visiting us!

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090
Wiest, Wiest, Benner & Rice, LLC

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090

225 Market St Sunbury, PA 17801

f: 570-286-3090



The City Treasurer is an elected official who serves a term of four years and is not subject to term limitation. The Treasurer serves in the Department of Accounts and Finance and maintains the Treasurer’s Office.  

The City Treasurer is the collector of the city, county, and school district taxes and maintains a list of tax payers, properties, and businesses. The Treasurer’s Office manages all financial matters for the City including funds and bank accounts, city payroll, and accounts payable/accounts receivable. The office also handles municipal parking permits and business licenses.

The Controller is an elected official who serves a term of four years and is not subject to term limitation. The Controller is independent of the Mayor and City Council.

The Controller oversees City finances and reviews all expenditures of all City departments, the Mayor, City Council, and City boards, commissions, agencies, and authorities for whom the City provides financial guarantees. The Controller reviews the annual budget before approval by City Council and makes non-binding recommendations to the Council for consideration. Furthermore, the City Controller audits finances from time to time as requested by the Mayor or by City Council and reports on the progress of the implementation of any recommendations as found in the Annual Audit and Management Letter. In addition, the Controller may furnish periodic reports of audits conducted and interprets and communicates audit policies and procedures to all City management and staff. The Controller audits the bank accounts of City related authorities, boards and commissions as well as acting as the repository for all City contracts, leases and other agreements.

The City Solicitor is an attorney, or law firm, responsible for overseeing the legal matters of the City. The job of the solicitor is to prepare all bonds, obligations, contracts, leases, conveyances and assurances that the City is party to as the result of resolution or ordinance, and has the responsibility to commence and prosecute all suits and actions brought by the city and to defend the City against any suits brought against it. The Solicitor is also charged with furnishing the Mayor, Council and any other elected City officials with written opinions on any legal matter pertaining to the City submitted to that office by these elected officers.

The City Clerk is responsible for the records of Council including the preparation of meeting agendas and the recording and keeping of official minutes. The Clerk serves as the focal point of contact for inquiries, correspondence, and applications to the City and as the human resources manager for city employees.

The City Health Officer certified by the PA Department of Health and is responsible for the safe operation of food handling establishments within the city. The health officer conducts annual food safety inspections and submits reports to the PA Department of Agriculture.

The City Engineer is responsible for ensuring plans for subdivision and land development meets standard requirements. The engineer reviews and approves all subdivision and land development plans and makes recommendations to the Planning Commission.

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